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Integrative approach to managing chronic conditions.

There are numerous things you can do to achieve your optimal health!

We provide science-backed, up-to-date, easy-to-understand information that enables you to assume an active role in managing your health.


Armed with the right knowledge you can take better care of yourself!

Knowledge is power

Three White Coats was founded by three sisters, three health professionals - a scientist, a medical doctor and a pharmacist.

Jelena Levi

Jelena Levi, PhD 


Dr. Levi holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Belgrade University and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Graduate School of the City University of New York. Her research is focused on developing molecular imaging agents for cancer detection and evaluation of cancer therapies. Dr. Levi’s work has been published in some of the most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals. Her publications can be found here.

Alexandra Tisma

Alexandra Tisma, MD


Dr. Tisma earned her MD from Belgrade University, where she also specialized in general medicine. Dr. Tisma has extensive clinical experience in the fields of urgent and preventive medicine and family practice. In her current role as CEO of BI-ME company she remains dedicated to her mission of improving  human health.

Nina Kolacek

Nina Kolacek, Mr. Ph.


Ms. Kolacek obtained her pharmaceutical degree from Belgrade University. She has thirty years of experience working with patients, ten of which were dedicated to running her own pharmacy store. Kolacek is well versed in the uses of both conventional and traditional medicines and is particulary invested in bringing the two together for the purpose of  safe and more effective  healing. 

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